Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Any Suggestions?

Hey everyone so its been a while since I last posted and I know I really do not have a lot of followers but I appreciate those who do. So I've been sitting here at home....doing school, playing with my makeup, and just thinking what can I do to make some extra cash. I have been looking online for a work from home job but it seems like they are all scams. I was even thinking of selling stuff like on cafepress.com but that doesn't seem like a good route either. I think it would be cool to make products like jewelry or t-shirts and sell them online but who would buy them? Does anyone have an idea as to what I can do from home to make some extra money? Please let me know!!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Back from the Past

So its been a while since I've written anything on here mainly because I don't have any followers to write to. Everything has been going good with the makeup side of my life...I am getting pretty good at it. All I need to do is find some eyeliner that doesn't run and disappear off my eye. The love of my life Jamez, got me two amazing makeup kits for Christmas and an awesome flat iron... I love him so much he is the sweetest man ever and he loves me just as much....the eye shadows in the kits are great and I love just playing around with them...Thanks Babe!!! Well that's about it...I'm just sitting here bored on the computer waiting for my new itunes to download...its so slow. Anyways ta ta for now

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Here are a couple pics of me attempting my hair and makeup

So I tried on my red lipstick the other night and I think it is a little too orangy but in this pic it doesn't look to bad. Jamez said it look sexy so that's a plus. I also did my hair in a side braid with a bump in the front...I have always had the hardest time getting the bump just right but this time I got it. I am so proud of myself.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Hi so first off I want to give a special thank you to my fiance Jamez for reminding me that I'm a beautiful girl and that I should show it off. I love you babe...so last night I tried to do my own eyebrows after watching Kandee Johnson's tutorial on the subject. But before I could get to far into ruining my eyebrows I found that it was not as easy as she made it seem...so I am just going to let the professionals mess with my eyebrows. I also tried on my new red lipstick and found that it doesn't look to bad but it is a little orangy for my face...but I"ll keep practicing. I hope someone decides to read my blog soon...I have no followers. Please follow me

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Hi Everyone

Hello to my future readers...so it's been a couple days and I've been practicing my makeup and watching tutorials through youtube and stuff trying out new things and it's been going pretty good. My makeup skills aren't as bad as I thought they were but I'm still struggling. I found this great blog and tutoriallist on youtube. Her name is Kandee Johnson and she is absolutely amazing. She is really talented and her tutorials are so much fun to watch. Today I was thinking of trying to do my own eyebrows using the tips she gave in her eyebrow tutorial. Oh and I'm going to be bold and try on some red lipstick...it's called Cherry Red...I'm a little scared but I think it will be ok. Oh and I'm so sad because my digital camera broke this week...it just stopped working and I've had it for a couple years now and so it's not covered under the warranty...I'll have to take it to get looked at...by the way gotta say a special thank you to my friend for getting the camera a couple christmases ago...so that's the 411 on my makeup adventure...I'll try to post some pics of what I've done soo... so you can see how I'm coming along. Thanks for the support..

Love Candyce

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Let me Introduce myself

Hello everyone!! My name is Candyce. So let me begin by saying I am not the most talented girl when it comes to hair and makeup...but I think its time I learn. I am 23 going on 24 and the most skill I have is putting on mascara. My fiance, Jamez, has requested that I wear more makeup than I do because he wants to show off all my beauty. When I heard this I sat back and thought...he's right...where has my girliness gone...I have lost it. I live in Southern California and its been so hot this summer that putting makeup on just doesn't sound fun. Plus I have stuck at home with an injury that makes it hard for me to go anywhere. But I want to learn how to improve my skills on makeup and my hair. I am open for any suggestions people have for me or if anyone knows of classes I could go to that aren't overly expensive....we are in a recession here. I am getting addicted to makeup just in the past couple days watching tutorials online. I love Makeupgeek.com, Marlena is an amazing teacher....well I hope you enjoyed my intro...feel free to comment and help.