Thursday, September 17, 2009

Let me Introduce myself

Hello everyone!! My name is Candyce. So let me begin by saying I am not the most talented girl when it comes to hair and makeup...but I think its time I learn. I am 23 going on 24 and the most skill I have is putting on mascara. My fiance, Jamez, has requested that I wear more makeup than I do because he wants to show off all my beauty. When I heard this I sat back and thought...he's right...where has my girliness gone...I have lost it. I live in Southern California and its been so hot this summer that putting makeup on just doesn't sound fun. Plus I have stuck at home with an injury that makes it hard for me to go anywhere. But I want to learn how to improve my skills on makeup and my hair. I am open for any suggestions people have for me or if anyone knows of classes I could go to that aren't overly expensive....we are in a recession here. I am getting addicted to makeup just in the past couple days watching tutorials online. I love, Marlena is an amazing teacher....well I hope you enjoyed my intro...feel free to comment and help.

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